Volunteer Highlight | Rooke McKnight

Good morning friends of Care and Share! 

Rooke became aware of Care and Share when a representative came to Challenger Middle School and spoke to his classroom. After this presentation, Rooke understood how important it is for people, especially for kids like him, to have the food they need to thrive—when kids are always thinking about how hungry they are, they aren’t learning. He was inspired to get involved in the fight against hunger and to help his community reach its full potential. Rooke says that “Everything would be much better if no one would be hungry.”

Shortly after Rooke learned about Care and Share, he signed up to volunteer in their community garden. He spent his time harvesting carrots that would be used to feed families at risk of hunger. After this experience, he wanted to stay involved.

Without Care and Share, Rooke believes “There would be a lot more hungry people out there and the people would not be getting the best food they can get.” Care and Share needs more people like 12-year old Rooke, whose passion and dedication for helping others succeed is truly making a difference.

If you would like more information about volunteering, please click here
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