About us

At Care and Share Food Bank, we believe no one should go hungry.

At Care and Share Food Bank, our core purpose is to bridge the gap between hunger and abundance. Our mission is to provide food, partnering opportunities, and education to fight hunger and food insecurity in Southern Colorado communities. With your help, the future of Southern Colorado will be hunger-free.

nourishing Southern Colorado

What happens at a food bank?

We’re glad you asked. As a food bank, Care and Share works to gather and sort food from multiple sources, distributing to our 291 partners across 29 counties. We make sure food gets to everyone who needs it—wherever they are. Because well-fed communities are better for us all.

We receive donated or low-cost food from suppliers, community partners, and federal nutrition programs.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers sort and organize the food we receive.

Food is then supplied to our partner food pantries and distributed to those in need.

Care and Share exists to ensure that the one in nine Southern Coloradans at risk of hunger have access to healthy and nutritious food to thrive. We know that children without adequate access to food cannot develop successfully, families cannot plan for their future, and seniors find it more difficult to remain independent.

Our history

In 1972, our founder Sister Dominique Pisciotta saw many people in her own community struggling with hunger and decided to do something about it. Hunger wasn’t ok with Sister Dominique then and it isn’t ok with us now. We know you feel the same way.

In the early days, we distributed food baskets throughout Colorado Springs. Now, we provide millions of pounds of food throughout 29 Southern Colorado counties. We have far outgrown our humble beginnings, where we distributed food out of volunteers’ basements and a two car garage on S. Wahsatch Street. Today, we have the privilege of running our operation from well- equipped distribution centers in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.  And volunteers, always the lifeblood of our work, have grown in ranks from one committed Sister to more than 47,000 volunteer hours annually!

SUpporters & partners

The people and places that make it all possible.

Feeding people can only happen when we all come together with the same mission in mind. Care and Share is part of the community, and we belong to the community.


Volunteers give us something precious every day: their time.  They roll up their sleeves and take action in the most tangible ways possible.  They know that every can they sort or bag they pack means they’ve made someone’s life a little brighter. They are the heart of our organization, furthering our mission day-by-day.

Meal Site and Food Pantries

Our Partner Agencies are on the front line of hunger relief. Soup kitchens, pantries, community centers, churches, and schools provide hope. Whether dishing out lunch to 600 people each day, or serving six families in the church once a month, together, they make the world a better place.

Individual Donors

The generosity of individuals makes our work possible all year long. Thousands of donors have joined our mission as they see a need to take action and be part of the solution. Donors know that no matter the size of their gift, it will make a difference to a friend, a senior, a child, or a family facing hunger. And we know that every gift will go a long way.

Corporate and Foundation Partners

Corporate, community, and foundational partners support our events, provide grants for programs, hold fundraising activities, and offer matching funds for their employees because they know our communities are more vibrant when we have the food we need to thrive.

Serving Southern Colorado

 We couldn't get food onto the tables of our neighbors in need without the support of our incredible fleet of drivers. Together, our trucks travel nearly a quarter million miles each year.

Annual Reports & Financials

We take our responsibility to help feed people very seriously—carefully stewarding each food and financial gift we receive. Striving for efficiency and really stretching every gift, each dollar donated is able to acquire an average of 5 pounds of food. We are proud of the work we do and grateful for everyone who makes it possible.