Agency Newsletter - May 2024

Wholesale Purchasing Program Update

We are excited to share that we are one step closer to launching the Wholesale Purchasing Program. More details will be in the June newsletter. We do know that we will begin to order food at the start of our new fiscal year, July 1st. We are tentatively scheduled for the program to begin on August 1st. A full month will allow our team time to procure the food and transport it to our three warehouse facilities. If you have any questions, please contact our Programs Director, Steven Williams, at

2024 Colorado State Session Wrap-Up

The Colorado 2024 State Session will wrap up in early May. One exciting update– the Joint Budget Committee supported the creation of the Community Food Assistance Provider Grant program which combines the food pantry and food bank assistance programs. This will provide sustainable funding with an appropriation of $3,000,000 for the 2024-2025 state fiscal year. We are doing everything we can to uplift the immense need across our state and advocate for additional funding. Questions/Concerns? Contact Mandy Nuku at

Interested in learning more about bills in our network? We encourage you to check out Blueprint to End Hunger’s policy platform and link to current legislation being considered this session:

Join the Partner Agency Conference Planning Committee

Care and Share plans to host a Partner Agency Conference in September 2024. We are currently looking for individuals to join our Partner Agency Conference Planning Committee. The Committee will begin meeting at the end of May. If you are interested, please contact our Programs Director, Steven Williams, at

Chill Out! Practicing Food Safety with Frozen Foods

Wondering about the mystery bag in the freezer? Can’t see what’s under that layer of freezer burn? Proper labeling with date and name of the food item along with this ‘Chill Out’ guide from Cooking Matters can help you determine how long that item in the fridge or freezer will last.  

This guide also reminds us of the three (yes, only three) safe ways to thaw frozen items: In the fridge, microwave, or under cold RUNNING water.  

Whether thawing frozen items, or chilling leftovers, we want to keep foods out of the temperature danger zone: 40-140˚F. So, separate large batches of leftovers before chilling so they can cool within two hours, seal well and label them, and either freeze leftovers or toss them after four days.  

Revitalized and Rolling: The Mobile Market Rises Again

The Mobile Market has become a dynamic tool within Care and Share’s mission, strategically working in underserved and under-resourced communities with precision and purpose. This focused approach allows us to significantly enhance food accessibility in areas such as Costilla County, Crestone, Del Norte, senior housing communities, and other regions facing limited access to essential resources.

Learn more over on our blog!

Care and Share Engages Southern Colorado in Listening Sessions

From February to April, Care and Share hosted three dynamic listening sessions across our service area. At the heart of these gatherings was a shared mission—to amplify the voices of our neighbors and glean invaluable insights into their experiences accessing our network.

Thanks to the generous support of Feeding Colorado and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Medicaid Neighbor Engagement Grant, we were able to honor the time and expertise of our neighbors by compensating them for their invaluable contributions. This practice not only underscores our commitment to inclusivity but also serves as a testament to the profound impact of community collaboration.

Learn more by visiting our blog!

Your Monthly Service Insights Update

Thank you to everyone who has participated in SIMC trainings and/or launches. We are excited to see how this data can help us better serve your communities.

For more updates, please visit the PDF linked below. And don’t forget to visit our website for more information!

Tell Your Member of Congress that Everyone in Your Community Deserves to EAT Local Foods!

The Local Food Purchase Assistance (LFPA) Cooperative Agreement Program has been a lifeline for communities, connecting farmers with local organizations to provide fresh, local food to families in need. With LFPA funding set to end in mid-2025, urgent action is needed to sustain the progress made in strengthening local food systems and supporting farmers.

The EAT Local Foods Act offers a solution by establishing permanent funding to continue these vital programs, ensuring ongoing support for businesses, farmers, and food-insecure communities, while also creating job opportunities and offering technical assistance for program implementation.

Learn more and take action by visiting the link below!


Please use the Closure Dates webpage for your reference. We will be closed on the following days in April:

May 27th — Closed for Memorial Day.

May 29th – 31st — No pick-ups for 5th week cleaning and inventory. 


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