Partner Agencies

The Care and Share Network

293 food pantries and meal programs strong.

By partnering with a robust network of local charities, food pantries, and meal sites, we get millions of meals to people within our 29-county region each year. Together, we’re able to effectively respond to the unique hunger challenges our communities face.

Becoming a partner agency

We would love for you and your team to join us in the fight against hunger! To learn more about the partner agency criteria or the application process, please contact Steven Williams at (719) 937-4933 or

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll contact you to discuss the next steps. While we’d love to work with every group possible, understand that submitting an application does not guarantee becoming a partner agency. We will carefully consider your location, hours of service, and any activities unique to your program and how it will compliment services provided by our existing partners.

Food for today. A brighter tomorrow.

Oftentimes, we may toss a gallon of milk into our shopping carts without thinking twice. But for so many of our neighbors in need, that could be a luxury. Together with our partner agencies, we want to ensure that each child, family, and senior we serve can enjoy a glass of milk and nutritious food.