Children's Nutrition Initiative

Fueling a brighter future for our kids

We are working to keep children healthy and nourished every single day.

Children facing hunger may struggle in school, and outside of the classroom too. That’s not ok. We want our future generations to have the nourishment they need to thrive and succeed. Through our Children’s Nutrition Initiative, we’re able to work closely with school partners to get nutritious food to students and their families during the school year. 

Our CNI programs

Send Hunger Packing

During the school year, we work with elementary and middle schools to ensure children and their family members have access to food over the weekend. School staff identify students who display signs of chronic hunger. Once enrolled, students are provided a bag full of easy-to-prepare food every Friday, so they and their families can enjoy it throughout the weekend.

School Pantries

School Pantries are designed to help reach older children who are at risk of hunger. We partner with middle schools and high schools to maintain stocked food pantries that provide readily-accessible food assistance. Pantries are open to both students and staff in an effort to keep cupboards at home full, and to allow families to stretch their grocery budgets.

School Snacks

Our School Snack program allows us to work with existing after-school programs that are implemented at locations such as community centers and youth-enrichment programs. These partners provide afterschool snacks to children.




Interested in becoming a partner?

We partner with schools, community centers, school districts, and cities to reach kids when they are most vulnerable: after school, and on the weekend. We look for enthusiastic partners who can support strong programs to join us in our mission to feed hungry kids.

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