Volunteer Highlight | Jack Carr

Jack walked into Care and Share’s volunteer orientation in September of 2013 with the purpose of renovating his life after a difficult divorce. As soon as he saw the positivity and passion of the Care and Share team, he knew he found the right place. 

Jack became a frequent volunteer and with his consistent hands-on involvement, he is now a lead volunteer. Jack loves knowing that he plays a critical role in providing meals for those who do not have access to enough food. He says, “Most of us can go to a restaurant or a store and buy anything at any time, so I can’t even comprehend the fact that someone has to wait for food or go without it.” Jack’s positive interactions with staff, volunteers, and partner agencies truly set him apart. He enjoys it when people come back to volunteer because of the positive impact he has had on them.

While “putting two juices in every box can seem monotonous and boring” to other people, Jack likes the process of packing nutritious food for his neighbors in need. Even as a full-time financial advisor, he always finds time to volunteer because he sincerely believes in Care and Share’s mission and appreciates the people who are making it possible. “Everyone seems driven to it. They truly want to be here.” But the mission of Care and Share would not be attainable without committed volunteers like Jack who devote themselves to the belief that no one should go hungry.

For information about how you can get involved, please click here.

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