Winter Storage Resources

Autumn is upon us in Southern Colorado and with that comes gatherings and seasonal foods. We have some food safety tips to ensure you and your neighbors stay healthy.
1. Winter squash can be stored for 1-6 months safely in a dark room, ideally less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Their longevity depends on the variety and the harvesting practices that were used. Always inspect winter squash for signs of damage and compromise.
2. When you are at a gathering and sharing food, keep hot foods hot (more than 140°F) and serve them right away. Otherwise, cover foods with aluminum foil or set them to the side of the grill rack to keep them hot until serving. Try to estimate exactly what you need so there are no leftovers.
3. Keep cold foods cold (less than 40°F). Make sure you have plenty of ice or freezer gel packs available to keep foods in the cooler cold, and place the cooler under an umbrella, tarp, or in the shade for added protection from sun and heat.
4. For best safety and quality, refrigerate leftovers within two hours. If the temperature is above 90°F/32°C, make that one hour.

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