What’s in the Warehouse Wednesday?

Greetings, readers! Its Wednesday, so that must mean its What’s in the Warehouse day!

We just received in a truckload of food for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) and thought we’d show you a few of the items. CSFP works to improve the lives of seniors at least 60 or older by supplementing their diet with nutritious USDA foods. CSFP food boxes contain 9-10 staple food items such as cheese, rice, milk, cereal, canned fruits, canned vegetables and peanut butter at no cost.

When the items for CSFP are received, we must tally each unit, as in the number if items in each case so we can keep an accurate count for inventory. Below, our Transportation Manager, Shane French is pitching in to record those counts.

Items from today include,….

Are you hungry yet? We sure are. 

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