What’s in the Warehouse Wednesday

 Plastic and shrink wrap! Because we distribute more than 19 million pounds of food annually, we go through a lot of plastic material. We work very hard to keep this out of landfills.

Three months ago, we were notified that our current recycler wasn’t going to take our plastic grocery bags and shrink wrap anymore. Since recycling is a core belief that we hold dear, our Recycling Coordinator set out on a mission to find someone who would accept our plastics. He came across Community Intersections, an amazing nonprofit organization that promotes independence while developing life skills for those with developmental disabilities.

Community Intersections now picks up 30 large trash bags of our plastic waste material every week-every other week. Their staff members purify the shrink wrap (meaning they remove tape, tags, or anything else that can’t be recycled) and then they sell it to support their work.

This relationship is awesome!!

Among many other things, Community Intersections offers Work Site Enclaves, which are secure work settings in cooperation with Colorado Springs Utilities, the Fairfield Inn, Sky Sox, and Blue Star Recyclers. These sites are supervised by professional staff members, allowing people served to learn valuable work skills.

For more information about Community Intersections, please call 719-574-6101.

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