What’s in the Warehouse…Friday

Good morning friends of Care and Share!

We apologize for not posting a What’s in the Warehouse Wednesday. Two of our staff members (those responsible for this blog) were traveling home from Chicago Wednesday and didn’t get the time in the airport they were counting on to post the blog.

So, here’s a delayed post! While in Chicago, we had the chance to visit the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Last year, this amazing facility distributed 67 million pounds of shelf-stable food, fresh produce, dairy products and meat, the equivalent of 154,000 meals every day. This is more than three times the amount of food distributed by Care and Share last year! 

What’s more, the Food Depository serves one only county, Cook County, while Care and Share serves 31 counties. The differences in our service areas require us to work differently to reach different populations and geographic locations.
We also had the opportunity to visit Feeding America, our national affiliate that makes our work possible. Feeding America is located on the 20th and 21st floors of  a historic building in downtown Chicago.
Feeding America’s mission is very prominent throughout their space.

This is the view outside of their board room. Wow!

We had an amazing trip to Chicago. Thanks for reading!

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