What’s in the Warehouse?

Good afternoon friends of Care and Share!

We are very busy gearing up for the holiday season, which is our busiest time of year. We are working hard to make sure that our neighbors at risk of hunger can enjoy a wonderful holiday meal.

First up-Thanksgiving meal assembly for our Send Hunger Packing program! We are adding holiday food items, such as canned beans and corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pineapple to each backpack. Children that are identified by school teachers and counselors as being at risk of hunger are enrolled in Send Hunger Packing to receive a backpack full of food each Friday afternoon during the school year. The backpacks contain enough food to prepare basic, healthy meals during the weekends for the participating child and up to four family members. We want to make sure that these families receive some holiday goodies for this festive time of year.


Staff and volunteers stuffing bags and boxes for the Send Hunger Packing program. 

Bags of holiday food for our Send Hunger Packing program. 

Next up-Harvest of Love donations! This morning, we are picking up thousands of pounds of food donations from participating area schools. 

Volunteers will sort all of the food donations received during Harvest of Love.

And finally, we have beautiful corn from the California Association of Food Banks. They provide us with fresh produce during the winter months when the fields in Colorado are not producing vegetables. We will be able to distribute 10,000 pounds of corn to our Southern Colorado neighbors at risk of hunger. 

Thanks for reading! 

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