Volunteer Highlight | Evera

Evera has a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service from Pueblo Community College and is deeply invested in the Pueblo community. About seven years ago, she became disabled and has since struggled to make ends meet. She got involved in Cooking Matters because she was receiving food assistance from the Salvation Army, where she met Care and Share’s Cooking Matters Coordinator. She immediately became interested in the program and wanted to get involved. After taking the Cooking Matters course, she officially became a volunteer culinary instructor.

She really enjoys cooking and being around people of all ages, from kids to seniors. Evera knows that nutrition education is key to our overall health and wellbeing. She says that “children that are two, three, four, five years old can help assistant mom, dad, grandparents, or their guardians in the kitchen.”

She works to incorporate food that people receive from food pantries into her classes so that low-income families can still learn to eat healthy, nutritious food that’s easy to make, like black bean brownies. She loves teaching individuals and families about nutrition and how to read food labels. Since she became involved in Cooking Matters, she has personally seen positive health benefits and no longer needs to take her blood pressure medication. Evera says, “I try to be an advocate for my own immediate family, people in the Pueblo community, and people that take the classes.” Thank you, Evera!

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