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Milk is a very under-donated product. The main reason for this is that we can’t accept milk donations from the general public because we don’t know how long it has been unrefrigerated. We follow strict food-safety guidelines to ensure that the food we distribute is safe to consume. We can receive donations directly from dairy distributors, but these donations are not nearly enough to meet the need of our Southern Colorado neighbors at risk of hunger.

This is where The Great American Milk Drive comes in! This is the first-ever nationwide program to deliver highly desired and nutrient-rich gallons of milk to families at risk of hunger. You can donate online to provide milk to those in need in your own community.

Also, between 9/1/15 – 9/30/15, you can trigger a donation of one voucher redeemable for up to one gallon of milk. Go to our Facebook or Twitter page and find this image:

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