Rural Hunger in Southern Colorado

Good morning friends of Care and Share!

Since October is Rural Hunger month, we wanted to share with you our service area map. This map demonstrates how many counties, 26 out of 31, within our service area (outlined in orange) are rural.

According to Feeding America, rural areas are faced with the following unique challenges:
  • Employment is more concentrated in low-wage industries
  • Unemployment and underemployment are greater
  • Education levels are lower
  • Work-support services, such as flexible and affordable child care and public transportation, are less available
  • The rural marketplace offers less access to communication and transportation networks and offers companies less access to activities that foster administration, research and development.
The fact that so many people need to turn to a food bank or church pantry just to eat in the very same communities where the food is raised is a sad reminder of how much more needs to be done.
We reach these communities through Mobile Food Pantries and are working to expand this program to get more food to more people in more places.  Together, we can solve hunger!

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