Reducing Food Waste: “Ugly” food is still good food


We are so fortunate to have a robust network of food donors and retailers who give their extra, and sometimes “ugly,” but still, perfectly delicious food! Food rescue and receiving of “seconds” is part of our system. It ensures that cosmetically-challenged food not meeting the incredibly high standards of grocery stores, does not end up-needlessly, in landfill.
This is your friendly reminder of the expected protocols for returning food, after it has been received. Please help us in our mission to feed more neighbors by accepting “ugly” food, remembering we go by the “70/30” Rule. This means, if 70% of the order is in good, safe condition, we encourage you to keep the order and kindly compost or discard the remainder. Our volunteers and distribution center associates have limited time to re-sort and re-pack orders that have been returned, and the time involved can put entire lots of food at risk. By distributing the good food, and discarding that which is unusable, you help ensure that the best food reaches our neighbors as quickly as possible, with minimal waste.


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