Raise Your Fork Update and THANK YOU!!

Good morning friends of Care and Share!

Throughout the month of April, we were entrenched in our first-ever crowd funding campaign to raise money for a new forklift. Through Raise Your Fork, we were able to secure nearly $9,000 for our forklift fund! This would not have been possible without you. Please watch this quick video as a token of our gratitude: 

We are currently seeking partnerships from several corporations that have been long-time supporters of our work to secure additional funding to purchase a gently used forklift. We will let you know when the newest member of our forklift family arrives J

In the meantime, we would love to hear your thoughts around the campaign.

  • What did you like/what worked well? 
  • What did you hear in the community about the campaign? 
  • What could have been better/didn’t work well? 

Thank you again and have a great day! 

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