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In honor of Hunger Action Month, we recently hosted a film screening of Just Eat It, a documentary about food waste and food rescue,  at our warehouse. We invited community members to join us to learn more about the enormous problem that is food waste.

The documentary follows two people, Grant and Jen, on a quest to only eat food that has been thrown away for six months. The results are startling!

The film is interspersed with interviews from food waste experts that have some very important things to say. Here’s a great quote:

“What we need is to believe that wasting food is not acceptable. It comes down to citizen morals. It comes down to cultural attitudes, essentially.”  

-Tristram Stuart, author, Waste; Founder, Feeding the 5K

Are you a food waster? Take the quiz to find out.

Although you’ll have to watch the documentary to learn more about this epidemic and for some simple ways to eliminate food waste from your home, here’s a starter:

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