Women at the Well Member Spotlight: Jeni Henson and Bev Carver

Every quarter we’d like to highlight one or two of our Women at the Well members and all the awesome work they do in the community! This quarter, we are highlighting members Jeni Henson and Bev Carver.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! How long have you lived in Springs, tell us a bit about your family, what you like to do for fun, etc.

Jeni and her husband moved to Colorado Springs 20 years ago and have raised their son here. We enjoy taking family bike rides, hikes, and exploring new places together. Bev moved here so “last century” with her husband and two teenage kids. A son-in-law and four grandchildren later, she is happily surrounded by family. In her free time, she likes to exercise or force others to do so!

How did you hear about Care and Share and/or Women at the Well? What made you decide to get involved?

Jeni received an invitation to the kick off event for Women at the Well, and shortly after, asked some friends if they’d like to join. Bev felt blessed to be one of those friends and she’s never looked back! 

What’s one of your favorite memories from a Women at the Well event/opportunity?

Our most vivid memory is of us freezing, our tushies off (ahem, our tail feathers) when we dressed up for Take Your Turkey To Work Day! 

Both of you are also heavily involved with the YMCA and have really fostered our partnership with them. For those who don’t know, tell us about that partnership and what sorts of things you have done with Care and Share and the Y.

Bev has been a YMCA fitness instructor for many years and has made great contacts and friends.  We met when Jeni began taking one of Bev‘s classes. We became fast friends and now enjoy food, travel, and volunteering together! 

The peanut butter and jelly “Spread the Love” event was a great opportunity to partner Care and Share with the Pikes Peak YMCA.  We have raised awareness, facilitated donation, collections, and encouraged volunteering in our community! 

What’s your ‘why’ – what keeps you involved with our mission and Women at the Well?

We support the mission of Care and Share and agree that everyone should have access to food, no matter their circumstances. We also enjoy fellowship with like-minded ladies!

What would you say to an individual who was thinking of joining Women at the Well?

Your donation will do more good and feed more people than you can imagine. Join Women at the Well and nourish your soul while helping to feed your neighbors!

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