“No one has to go hungry here.” | Jackie’s Story

Jackie, a senior living in Pagosa Springs, didn’t plan to live in Pagosa Springs long term.

“I was house sitting for a friend, and was supposed to only stay for a few months,” she told us with a laugh. “But I never wanted to leave!”

So Jackie ended up finding her own apartment and has now lived in Pagosa Springs for seven years. And for the past few years, she’s lived at Casa De Los Artos, a senior housing complex that hosts a food pantry in its community center. Jackie helps stock the pantry, and is able to take home some food herself.

“We often have fresh produce and meat,” she told us. “Everyone likes having those around. We always have hamburger meat, and you can do just about anything with hamburger!”

At Casa De Los Artos, many of the residents love to cook for their friends and family. Having the pantry available means they can always have something on hand in case kids or grandkids stop by to visit!

“No one has to go hungry,” Jackie said. “It’s amazing that this is here.”

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