An Important Update on GOALZERO Recycling

Hello friends of Care and Share,

Our Chief Operating Officer, Stacy Poore, would like to share some important changes coming to our recycling program, GOALZERO Recycling. Below is her letter. If you have any questions about this update, you can connect with Stacy at

Thank you!

Dear friends of Care and Share and GOALZERO Recycling,
It is with great disappointment that Care and Share Food Bank announces, as of May 25th, we must close our free, public recycling program, GOALZERO Recycling. We have arrived at this decision after very careful consideration.
Several factors have required Care and Share to take this action. During the past many months, we have seen a tremendous decline, nearly sixty percent, in the amount of revenue we are able to generate from the materials we collect. This downward trend in the value of recyclable materials is expected to continue for the near and distant future. Additionally, while grants exist for recycling businesses to purchase infrastructure, grow business, buy new equipment, and expand operations, we’ve been unable to find grant funding that simply supports current general operating expenses. We have the infrastructure required to operate, so grants for growth do not support the work we are doing today.
As a nonprofit, we have first and foremost a responsibility to our primary mission and to the donors that support that mission. Unlike for-profit businesses that may have profitable divisions to support new programs and products, sometimes for years as needed until positive revenue is solid, our nonprofit structure is more conservatively resourced. Such precious financial resources must be directed to our mission of providing food, partnering opportunities and education to combat hunger in Southern Colorado. 
We are grateful for the way the community has completely embraced GOALZERO RecyclingThere is a real need for more access to free and affordable recycling services in Colorado Springs, and throughout Southern Colorado.  It is our hope that this need will be met by organizations who have the same desire as Care and Share to be responsible stewards of our community and our planet, and who have more resources than we do at this time to provide affordable access to this important service.
Care and Share remains committed to our own zero waste efforts. As a food bank we will continue our internal stewardship of waste diversion and recycling. We will also continue to pursue ways of generating revenue to support our work and our belief that no one should go hungry.
Stacy Poore
Chief Operating Officer

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