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You may recall our blog about “Ugly Food.” Well, in this Modern Farmer article, entitled This Maryland Guy is Making Money on Food Waste, While Also Feeding the Hungry, you can read about a savvy 23-year-old fellow named Evan Lutz that is capitalizing on ugly food products.

The promotional video about his business, Hungry Harvest, explains how it works:

So how is his business doing? Lutz and his crew deliver bags of produce to the doorsteps of 2,300 customers each week! He buys the food for “pennies on the dollar” from area farmers, packing houses and wholesalers, and then sells it for $15 for a one- to two-person bag, or $35 for a bag that will feed a family of four-seven people. Bags of certified organic produce range from $30-$55.

Hungry Harvest also has its eye towards alleviating hunger. For every bag of produce Hungry Harvest sells, they donate two pounds of produce to local organizations that feed hungry people. Lutz estimates that they’ve donated 100,000 pounds of food to people in need.

If any savvy entrepreneurs are out there reading, maybe this blog will spark your imagination! 
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