Guest Blogger: Ryan Hannigan, Graphic Designer, Colorado Springs Business Journal

I want to start off by thanking Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado for inviting me to be a part of this challenge. It sure was a challenge. The physiological, social and mental aspects of what people who are malnourished go through have become very apparent in just a few days of eating in this manner. As someone with ADHD, I noticed my attention span severely decreased this week, and I attribute that to the radical change in diet. That said, I personally used this week as a reset for how I eat, allowing me to add back just what is missing without over eating. I decided earlier in the week to donate the remainder of what I usually spend on food in a week (beer, eating out, groceries, etc.) and I’ve completed my donation of $80 as of 3 minutes ago. I would urge everyone to give a little, or donate non-perishable items that will otherwise collect dust in your cupboards. Even with all the difficulties and challenges with this week, it sure was better than pouring a bucket of cold ice water over my head.

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