Guest Blogger: Julian Flores, Founder & CEO, GetOutfitted

Food Assistance Challenge Week is here! We are kicking off the week with a guest blog from our friend Julian Flores, Founder & CEO of GetOutfitted– a web service that rents ski and snowboard apparel and accessories directly to your doorstep. We are proud to partner with him in the fight against hunger. Enjoy!

I am undoubtedly the laziest hard-working person I know. I routinely rely on convenience and shortcuts so I can focus on the things I actually enjoy working hard at: family, work and community. It’s bad: I’ve ordered a single $7 item available less than a mile from my house on Amazon Prime. And, “Screw it, we’re going to Chipotle for dinner!” is a regular declaration in my household. I’m considering a home grocery delivery service.

So when I was asked by the incredible people at Care & Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado to help raise awareness for our neighbors who struggle with food insecurity, I knew it was something I had to consider, because it’s something I never have to consider. This is an opportunity to reflect on how my unexamined life enabled by convenience is something I take for granted. A moment to step back and acknowledge how wondrous a life I live in which I can order and pay for a meal to be delivered to me on-demand from a $200 smartphone with a tap of a button…while our less fortunate but no less hard-working neighbors struggle to feed their families.

I am therefore accepting the challenge to live off of $4.50 a day for all of my nutrition for a week. This is what the average food stamp recipient relies on.

I have two goals for this week. First, to understand the impact food insecurity has on my daily life and my ability to focus on building the company I’m working on. Frankly, I’m not excited to be spending so much time planning, preparing and worrying about my food instead of what I really care about. My second goal is to inspire those who follow my brief journey to consider if and how they may take food security for granted in their own lives. This, I hope, will inspire people to take action to end hunger.

I’m not excited to have to work this hard at something I normally work so little at. I hope a week from now we’ll all have a bit more empathy for those who have to work so hard to feed their families, instead of working hard on, perhaps, other great things they are capable of.

Follow my journey on Twitter @julian_flores and Instagram at julian_flores and on Medium.

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