Exciting food waste & anti-hunger updates from around the world!

Good morning friends of Care and Share,

There is a lot of buzz about food waste and ending hunger lately, which is great!

First off, let’s start with this amazing and gigantic initiative to reduce global food waste:

Yesterday, The Rockefeller Foundation announced the launch of YieldWise, a seven-year, $130 million initiative that will demonstrate how food loss and waste can be cut in half globally.

With large multinational companies like The Coca-Cola Company and Dangote as key collaborators, the initiative will focus on linking small and big businesses that can mutually benefit from diversified sources for products and enhanced markets. At the same time, the Foundation will make targeted investments toward dramatically reducing food waste generated by retail outfits and consumers across the U.S. and Europe. WOW!! 

Next up:

In September of last year, the Obama Administration announced an ambitious target to cut food waste in half by 2030. Additionally, Congress made significant improvements to the tax deductions available for food donations

The Closing the Hunger Gap conference convened in Portland in September of last year. The movement is working to shift the focus from charity to food as a human right. There are some root causes of food insecurity that stem from multiple systemic injustices. Learn more by watching this short video:

You can see more awesome things that are happening by clicking here
Hopefully this blog has inspired you to take action against food waste and hunger! 
Thanks for reading and have a great day. 

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