Donor Q&A Featuring Mary and Aaron Lasch

Good afternoon Friends of Care and Share,

Today, we are pleased to feature a donor Q&A with Mary and Aaron Lasch, who are dedicated to our work and share our belief that no one should go hungry. Enjoy!

What shapes your family’s giving and what are your top giving priorities?
Our desire for giving to those in need is what shapes our family’s giving. The need is real, the need is desperate, and the need is in our community. These needs define our giving priorities, primarily those agencies that are able to fulfill the most basic of needs: the need of food, clothing, and shelter.

Mary – As a young child I grew up not knowing where my next meal might come from. I don’t want children or families in my neighborhood or in my community to experience that, especially if there is a way I can help.

What prompted you to start donating to Care and Share and why?
Learning about all the different ways Care and Share helps families in our community and how easy it is to make a difference just by giving some time.

What prompted you to volunteer?
Aaron and I were searching for a fit, something that met our need to help others. Care and Share is perfect! When we show up the work is waiting and there is always something for everyone to do. Not standing around waiting!

Which of our programs do you find most compelling?The one program that I think is just incredible is Send Hunger Packing…amazing program that empowers school faculty to help children that they see are truly in need every day and to supplement that need when school lunches are not an option, such as on the weekends. The most heartwarming part to me is the feeling that it must give these children to be able to come home with food to help their family.

What do you know of our Within Reach plan? What do you think of it?In the simplest terms, Within Reach is reaching the greatest amount of people of all ages that are in need of the very basic necessities. It’s an amazing plan, with the only problem being that the need seems to always exceed the incredible efforts of not only the Care and Share staff, but their volunteers and donors, as well.

From your perspective as a donor, what does Care and Share offer to you that other organizations do not?Care and Share is different… …there is a face to Care and Share…it’s the staff, the volunteers, the donors and those just needing a little help.

Describe what keeps you involved as a donor?The desire to help those that are less fortunate than my family and the realization that, as we’ve heard the statement made, “for many of us being in need could be one paycheck away.” If we don’t help, who will?

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