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We would like to share an article written by Tai Nittler, who started an awesome project to benefit our Southern Colorado neighbors at risk of hunger. We’re looking forward to growing our relationship with Tai and the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association so that we can provide much-needed protein to those we serve!

Jason Feld, Care and Share’s Resource Manager, with Bob and Bunny Patterson

Beef Cares Colorado!

Hello all!  My name is Tai Nittler.  Many of you may know me as former president Bob Patterson’s granddaughter. During my time spent around the members of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, I have noticed that this is a group that likes to get things done!  So, in regular Cattlemen’s fashion, members jumped right in to help me as I began a charity project involving beef. This project evolved throughout the past year and ended up being a success thanks to the help of a local producer and a contact of mine at an organization called Care and Share Food Bank.  
To summarize, this project is a way for producers to help families in need in their local areas.  My grandfather, Bob Patterson, donated one head of beef to the project.  This beef was processed, as only hamburger, at Jensen Blue Ribbon in Fowler, Colorado.  Care and Share picked up the processed meat and distributed it to Manzanola and Rocky Ford elementary schools to go in backpack programs that send food home with kids on Friday afternoons.  The remainder of the meat went to La Junta Associated Charities to be distributed to local families struggling to put food on the table.  I was very pleased because Care and Share wrote a receipt to the producer for a 100% tax exemption on the market price of the processed meat.  The only downfall was that the producer did have to pay for the processing fee. 
To move forward with Beef Cares, any producer can contact me to donate throughout the year.  Care and Share will meet you wherever you normally get your cattle processed to pick up a meat donation. 
So, if you have an old cow or bull that you are looking to sell or even one that is injured, I will be happy to work with you to donate it to a local agency program!  I am hoping to get a fundraiser set up at Mid-Winter Convention to pay for the processing fee for ranchers who want to donate.  If you would like to donate, you can contact me at (719) 980-3791 or email me at  I hope this project will really take off!  I would like to thank you all for your help and support throughout the year.  Best wishes! 
Tai Nittler

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