Beautiful Gardens

Good morning friends of Care and Share,

Our gardens are looking awesome–way more awesome than they have in a very long time! There were a couple of years in a row that they were sadly neglected due to the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires. During these two historic fires, all of our staff and volunteers were on hand collecting, sorting, and distributing millions of pounds of food, water, and household staples to first responders, evacuees, and those who lost their homes.

This summer, Donna Ross, our amazing Kitchen & Garden Coordinator, and our phenomenal volunteers have brought our gardens back to life in a big way by planting, weeding, watering,  and harvesting. Our garden volunteers have provided us with more than 300 hours of their valuable time so far this summer!



When we asked Donna to share some exciting gardening stories, she said “Can we count the number of times I’ve been startled by a bunny? Or when I stepped on a snake?” Life is always an adventure!

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