Agency Spotlight: La Plata Family Center Durango, CO


“The La Plata Family Center runs a community food pantry. Covid has highlighted local food equity issues, and we are striving to meet the challenges and our families’ growing needs. We design our food programs around direct input from our community.

Our pantry is available to any community member, without proof of income or other requirements.

Due to Covid protocols, people must wait at our door for a pre-made food box. We are working on a way for individuals to choose their own food items online.

Our families are concerned about high rates of diabetes and obesity. They want more fresh foods, and more culturally appropriate foods. We have operated a seasonal garden for over 10 years. But we desire to provide our families with fresh options year-round. We are now creating infrastructure on existing farmland in order to grow food to span all seasons. Our fresh food offerings also lean heavily on Care and Share.

We work with local schools to ensure families have access to pantry items. We offer food at most of our events, and host food-specific events. We also deliver food weekly to several underserved neighborhoods through our Parent Leader network. This regular contact opens doors to deeper relationships and more needs met.

At the La Plata Family Center, we are passionate about feeding people. Many of these efforts are possible through our partnership with Care and Share. Thank you!” -Christina Knickerbocker

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