Zoe’s Birthday

Good morning friends of Care and Share!

Do you know what’s awesome? When kids understand the importance of giving and know that they can truly make a difference in the world.

Our friend Zoe just had her 10th birthday and asked her guests to skip gifts and bring canned goods to donate to Care and Share instead. Her friends were creative and even wrapped the cans for her to open!

Zoe has a very giving spirit and felt she had received enough “stuff” for Christmas. She also asked that instead of just dropping off the food at Care and Share, if her and her family could volunteer their time sorting and packing food at our warehouse.

We are so lucky to have people like Zoe in our corner. We know that she will continue to make our world a better, brighter, place.

If you are interested in hosting a b-day party at our warehouse, where your guests will volunteer their time helping their neighbors at risk of hunger, please contact Eric Pizana, our Volunteer Services and Community Outreach Director at 719-434-4677 or at Eric@careandshare.org

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!

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