Within Reach Update

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”
 – Benjamin Franklin
Thanks to the support of the Daniels Fund, we will soon be embarking on an innovative journey that will provide us with access to a new food source. Oftentimes, the Feeding America bidding system offers both dry and frozen loose, bulk food that has not been packaged.  Accepting this food can save the food bank the cost of packaging this food if they have the ability to safely do so at their facility with the help of volunteers. We currently cannot accept this product because we do not have a clean room where the food can be processed. A grant from the Daniels Fund has provided us with the opportunity to receive even more food, and a greater variety of food, from Feeding America by creating a clean-room environment to process and package bulk dry goods, and a cold clean room to process and package frozen food items.

Our capacity to adapt to new trends within the Feeding America network, remain flexible, and dream big are critical to our ability to reach our goal of providing access to food to all of our Southern Colorado neighbors at risk of hunger. But even more importantly, strong partnerships with key community trustees such as the Daniels Fund will ultimately determine our success.  Bill Daniels believed in investing in human potential. His devotion to helping our disadvantaged neighbors achieve happier, healthier, and more productive lives benefits all of us.  We are proud to carry on a small part of his legacy.

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