Why do we do what we do?

“When Within Reach is realized, parents won’t have to silently suffer when choosing between paying a hospital bill or providing a meal for their children. The low-income elderly won’t have to survive on one meal a day, they’ll have access to all of the food they need to be healthy and live longer. People will know that some of their neighbors aren’t getting enough to eat, leading to serious health complications, job loss, and low standards of living- and they’ll know how to help. Hunger won’t go away. There will always be a crisis or emergency situation. Families will forever be confronted with difficult choices or too expensive bills. But when our goal is reached, these situations won’t be as tragic because people in need as well as everyone in the community will know the resources readily available. The realization of an empty pantry or an empty wallet won’t cause a parent’s stomach to drop because they’ll have fast access to pantries with fresh produce and healthy items. They’ll attend Cooking Matters classes to learn how to best prepare these foods. They’ll have the resources and knowledge to enroll in SNAP to pull them through a difficult time. Their children will receive filling and enriching lunches and snacks at school and after school programs, as well as backpacks during the weekend and lunches throughout the summer. Their parents will get plenty to eat through senior programs. And all of these services will be humbly offered in their own community, without the expectation of reciprocation or the shame of seeking aid.”

       Anonymous friend of Care and Share Food Bank 

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