What’s in the Warehouse?

Hi friends of Care and Share!

We have a beautiful batch of fresh-from-the-ground carrots! Our amazing volunteers are sorting them and cleaning them off for distribution to our partner agencies. These carrots will make great stews, go perfectly with roasts or in salads, or just to munch on as a snack.

So how did we get these beauties? This is another example of “ugly foods” that may not be appealing for grocery stores because they often get overlooked by consumers and eventually end up in landfills. We have featured several blog posts about ugly food, which we encourage you to check out by clicking on the orange words in this paragraph.

We are very thankful to have intercepted these perfectly good carrots before they went to waste. We want to be part of the food waste solution, not part of the problem.

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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