Volunteer Opportunities with Care and Share in Southern Colorado
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Volunteer Opportunities with Care and Share in Southern Colorado

Volunteer Opportunities with Care and Share

Volunteer Opportunities with Care and Share

Nothing can bring greater joy to a person like volunteering to help those in need. There are programs all around the world that specifically focus on helping people, be active within communities, and generate a positive influence that could change a person’s life.

Whether you are volunteering for the pure joy of helping, looking for ways to contribute to the community, or simply getting involved in community service, Care and Share provides volunteer opportunities for anyone looking to make a difference in the community or themselves.

So how do you volunteer? Or rather, why should you volunteer?

Contributing a little bit of your time each week to something you believe in or something that you have a passion for can cause great fulfillment in your life and has many other great benefits that will enhance your overall lifestyle. I know you’re wondering, how is that even possible? It’s just volunteer work, so how can I be fulfilled by it?

Volunteering can improve your health. Being a volunteer helps you recognize how to care for others which in turn can help you learn how to care for yourself and your own well-being. In a way, you feel grateful for what you have. Also, witnessing your efforts having a positive effect on others in need creates a “feel-good” emotion within you. Overall, volunteer efforts improve your mental health, which will also contribute to your physical health.

Volunteering gives you the necessary skills you need for your desired profession. Breaking into the job market can be a difficult task, but thanks to volunteer opportunities, you can choose something that gives you passion and gain the necessary time and skills you need to help you get into the career you desire. Volunteer programs will assign you with short tasks that both contribute to the charity and give you reasonable practice.

Volunteering makes you more marketable. Employers like potential employees who have spent time as a volunteer. Why? Because your work as a volunteer shows your commitment to the community, that you are motivated, that you have great character, and that you have integrity. Corporation fir National and Community Service (CNCS) admitted that people who have volunteer experience are 27% more likely to get a job.

Volunteering brings people closer together and brings hope to all those around you.

One of the easiest ways to volunteer your time is to find a local food bank. Each year, the demand for food increases meaning more individuals who experience homelessness are suffering from hunger and starvation and seek help from food banks. Many people rely on these services to feed their families.

In Colorado Springs, Care and Share Food Bank dedicates their time to feeding those in need throughout Southern Colorado. They are constantly looking for volunteers to contribute their personal time to helping those in need. See what you can do to get involved with Care and Share and how you can make a difference in somebody’s life or a difference in yourself.