Volunteer Highlight | Cat

Good morning friends of Care and Share!

Please enjoy this month’s volunteer highlight. 

Cat volunteers at Care and Share so she “can give back to the community.” She knows what it’s like to be hungry–at one point in her life, she had no food for six weeks. Being without adequate nutrition negatively affected her health, which made her situation much more difficult. Thankfully, she was able to access food for herself and her children through local agencies until she was able to get back on her feet.

To be able to give back what was given to her is “a really good trade.” When Cat volunteers, she works to let other people experience the same kindness that she did when she was in need.

Cat loves talking to representatives from the local partner agencies that pick up food from Care and Share to distribute to their clients. She gets to know their names, and talks to them about their lives and their experiences. The way that Cat relates to the people she meets at Care and Share makes them really happy. And that makes her happy. She said that “Being part of Care and Share as a volunteer has really been a highlight in my life.” 

Cat knows that the food Care and Share distributes trickles down to families and extends to the entire community. She said that “It’s not just helping one person.” Together, we’re helping out of thousands of people.

For information about how you can volunteer, please visit: http://careandshare.org/get-involved/volunteer/

Thanks for reading!

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