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From Cripple Creek, CO

Story Type: People We Serve

Programs Used: Aspen Mine Center

How We Helped: Nutritious Food

Dianne is a very active, retired 66-year-old who volunteers at the senior center and a local arts organization. She also teaches water aerobics, despite her knee and hip replacements. She knows that staying healthy is key to her independence, and she tries to help others stay healthy as well. In the small mountain town where she lives, there are many seniors that have orthopedic injuries, and for them water aerobics is the only exercise they can do.

Dianne lives on a minimal, fixed income that doesn’t leave room in her budget for much beyond the bare necessities. This is why Dianne visits her local food pantry and also enjoys free, prepared meals each week at the senior center. These healthy meals always include a salad and a protein, which is food that Dianne may otherwise be unable to afford. While receiving this food is very important to Dianne’s health, gathering around a table with other community members for a nice, hot meal and a conversation is just as important.

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