So close, but so far!

Good morning friends of Care and Share!

We are in the middle of our month-long crowd funding campaign to get a new forklift. So far, Raise Your Fork has raised $3,572, but we need $40,000 to reach our goal!

We really need your help to get our message out. We literally cannot accomplish the very important work of feeding our Southern Colorado neighbors in need if we do not have working, reliable equipment.

Although forklifts don’t necessarily tug on the old heart strings, they allow us to get food to the children, working families, seniors, and all of the people who rely on us for support during the challenging times in their lives.

We will reach our goal if:

  • 3,643 people give us $10
  • 1,821 people give us $20
  • 1,214 people give us $30
  • 910 people give us $40
  • 729 people give us $50
  • 364 people give us $100
  • 36 people give us $1,000 🙂
We can do this! Watch this video. If it makes you giggle, give what you can and share with your network.

Together, we can reach our goal to get our new forklift and provide more food to more people in more places.

Thank you!

To give to Raise Your Fork, please visit:

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