Sunny Side Market

A new kind of food pantry

Sunny Side Market is a network of local food pantries owned and operated by Care and Share.

In 2021, we opened our first, very own food pantries.  There are three locations in Southern Colorado—one Southeast Colorado Springs, one in Fountain and another on Pueblo’s Eastside.  These communities desperately needed more access to food resources. And without any partners in the area who could consistently provide food to our neighbors, we launched Sunny Side Market. Since then, we’ve served 11,000 neighbors consistently through our Sunny Side Markets. Dignifying, uplifting, warm—Sunny Side Market is part of the community and is for the community.

How it works

At Sunny Side Market, we want our neighbors visit to feel like a comfortable and familiar grocery shopping experience. Here’s what our neighbors experience when they come through our doors.

Neighbors are able to pre-register as a shopper by going to Once when they arrive, we set them up with a personal key fob to ensure quick, self-guided check-ins on future visits.


Shoppers grab their carts and make their way through the market to choose their own food. Items labeled as “Healthy Choice Food” help families build balanced, nutritious meals. Guests can stop by Sunny Side Market once a week.


A volunteer will scan the shoppers personal key fob that has a barcode on it, and then they're ready to head home! The check-out process allows us to answer any questions they might have, and we're able to keep track of how many people we're serving. 

The joy of Sunny Side Market

Their first trip to the market paid off in smiles

When people have access to the food they need, they have more opportunities to do big things with their lives, to spend time with their families, and to not have to worry about where their next meals are coming from.

Thank you to our partners who made
each Sunny Side Market possible