Produce Stand!

Good morning friends of Care and Share!

Today, we are honoring a very special volunteer. Dick Prudhomme designed and built this custom produce stand for Atlas Preparatory School, where we implemented a School Pantry thanks to grant funding from the Kellogg Company.

Mr. Prudhomme found a similar design online and drew up the specs himself, shopped for the supplies, built the stand at his house, and stained it with a food-safe polyurethane. He spent more than 60 hours of his time on this amazing project. 
The stand will be used to display the fresh produce that Atlas Prep gets from us (potatoes, carrots, apples, onions), as well as the fresh produce that Colorado Springs Food Rescue brings to the school each Friday from Trader Joe’s. 
The food that this produce stand will so beautifully display will go to vulnerable families, providing vital nutrition, hope, and the knowledge that people in our community care about making a positive difference for those in need. 
Thank you so much, Mr. Prudhomme, for this wonderful contribution!  

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