Supporting the Community | Patti

As Native American Heritage Month wraps up, we want to recognize Patti, one of the neighbors who frequently visits the Mobile Food Pantry on the Ute Mountain Ute reservation. Patti works for the Ute Mountain Ute Public Health Department, and specifically with at-risk young men.

“I love [my patients],” she told us at the distribution. “They’re like my kids.”

Since their usual transportation service got shut down during the pandemic, a lot of her patients don’t have reliable transportation to get to a grocery store. When Patti visits the Mobile Food Pantry, she’s able to pick up food for her patients that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.

“[The Mobile Food Pantry] just has everything,” said Patti. “There’s almost always potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, and whatever fruit is available seasonally. It’s great.”

As we chatted with Patti and learned more about her role, it was clear she had a deep love for her patients and community. When we asked her what this work and the Mobile Food Pantry meant to her, her answer was simple.

“The work I do is important,” she said. “And this food, it really does make a difference.”

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