Volunteer Spotlight: Sunny Side Market Volunteers, Max and Terrie

Every month we like to introduce one of the many fabulous volunteers who help Care and Share fulfill its mission.

This month we are featuring Sunny Side Market Volunteers, Max and Terrie

Meet Max and Terrie! They are two of our dedicated volunteers who have been donating their time at our Sunny Side Market in Fountain since it opened to neighbors in February 2021. Along with other committed volunteers, Max and Terrie help stock our market shelves before doors open to guests, and they assist neighbors who have questions or need help carrying food out to their cars.

“I always think it’s humbling to help others,” said Terrie. “It reminds some of us where we’ve been or where we could be today, especially with all that has been happening in the last year with loss of jobs, loss of incomes, and loss of family, unfortunately. It makes me feel good to help somebody and make them smile. This is definitely food for the soul.”

Terrie saw the announcement of the opening of Sunny Side Market in the Fountain newspaper and was inspired to sign-up to volunteer. She truly believes in the purpose and impact of local food pantries.

Max is a community organizer for The Colorado Trust. As part of his role, he strives to bring Fountain neighbors together to toward solving issues that impact the Fountain community. “Sunny Side is a key staple for helping people access food. I’ve been learning a lot about the food system from being here,” said Max. “I think there’s a great community being built around Sunny Side Market.”

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