Kente’s Story

When eighth-grader Kente grows up, he wants to be a mechanical engineer. He studies hard to reach his goal. Kente’s mother, Anisha, says that with the rising cost of living, there is often not enough food to last. Especially now that they just had a new child, turning a family of four into five. Kente’s father is working, but he still needs extra help to make ends meet. 

Care and Share’s Send Hunger Packing program helps to bridge this gap and to alleviate the strain for families like Kente’s by providing backpacks full of food every Friday afternoon to create simple, nutritious weekend meals. Thanks to the Send Hunger Packing program, there are now many items Anisha doesn’t have to worry about purchasing. 

Anisha understands education is the key to her children achieving their dreams. She welcomes the bags of food not just because they help financially, but because she knows they are full of nutritious foods to help Kente and his siblings succeed. “I know once they eat [the food provided], they will go to school prepared for the next day,” says Anisha, “And that’s what matters.”

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