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Food is a basic need we all share.  No matter how different we may seem, we want the same things for ourselves and our loved ones: to be safe, nourished, and given the opportunity to achieve our potential.  Food fills a critical need for us all.  And when you give, you do too.

Care and Share EIN: 84-0731930

Feed Our Neighbors Circle

These friends know that hunger happens every day, so they choose to make a difference all year long. Giving monthly is easy. You decide the amount and we help you set up the payment through a credit card or bank. Next step: rest easy knowing you are making a difference for those in need. We will be sure to put your gift to good use. Contact Shannon Brice at to learn more.

Enterprise Zone

Not only does it feel good to know you are helping others, but when you give through the El Paso County or Pueblo County Enterprise Zone, you are rewarded with an additional 25% tax savings! Gifts must be at least $250. Make your check out to El Paso County or to Pueblo County Enterprise Zone, write “Care and Share” in the memo line, and mail it to us. For questions or more information, contact Allan Siracusa at

Donate Food

Bring your donation of nonperishable food to the Care and Share distribution centers in either Colorado Springs or Pueblo. We’ll weigh it and you can drop it in the sorting tote, where it will mix and mingle with other cans and boxes on the journey to someone’s kitchen table.

“I choose Care and Share because 95 cents of every dollar donated goes for the intended purpose to assist those living in Southern Colorado. If you are looking for a wonderful organization then look no further!”

- Bob Shelton, A Village Pharmacy


LaMicka, Pueblo, CO

“It’s good to know that I can still support my family even though I’m struggling financially. Being able to turn to places when you need help is awesome and knowing where to find the help is awesome as well. ”

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