Guest Blogger: Captain Dan!

Please enjoy this guest blog post from our great friend and long-time supporter Captain Dan, the Morning Personality at Sunny 106.3.

Our tenth annual Take A Turkey To Work Day is rapidly approaching and I wanted to share some of what I’ve learned and observed during my 10 year association with Care & Share.

First, a good number of us are a car repair, a home mechanical failure, or a health issue away from food insecurity. By that I mean, a lot of us are on a tight budget, we’re getting by alright but when the car breaks down, the furnace dies or there is an unexpected emergency medical bill how are we going to make up for that extra expense? Many of us choose food. The mindset is you have to pay the mortgage, utility bills and buy gas for the car to get you to work. You choose to cut food from the budget because it doesn’t adversely affect your financial obligations and at least you have a roof over your head!

I have learned, the majority of people who benefit from Care and Share donations are folks like you and me, perhaps even our neighbors. They regularly donate to organizations like Care and Share and will again once they get past their financial hiccup! These are proud, productive, good people who just need a moment to catch up!

I have also learned important lessons about compassion and giving! More than once during our turkey drive someone has stopped to donate a frozen bird and told me, “we don’t have much, but you helped us last year and I want to help someone this year!” People understand the tight circumstances many are in. There are a number of people who stop every year, hand me a check based on the kind of year they’ve had, they give me a hug and thank me for my work, but it is I who am thankful for them and they’re generosity!

Finally, I learned about philanthropy. How do children grow to adulthood and become aware and caring for the circumstances of those people in need around them? It’s through parental example and education. A number of years ago a young grade schooler walked towards us across the parking lot carrying a turkey which weighted about as much as she did. In addition to the turkey, she offered an envelope filled with coins and a couple dollar bills that she had saved just for this drive. As she handed me her donation the smile she wore was as big as the turkey itself, she knew it was the right thing to do and she was helping someone in need that holiday season! It made her feel GREAT and she has been back every year since!

We live in a generous community but the need is great and I personally ask for your help. Take A Turkey To Work Day is the 21st please drop off your donated frozen turkeys at the Walmart’s on 8th Street, Chapel Hills, and at Powers and Palmer Park from 6-6 that day. Or text the word TURKEY to 41010 now and make a $10 donation billed to your cell phone, we’ll do the shopping for you!


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