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Remember our What’s in the Warehouse post about food waste? Well, if you were inspired by the information we presented and wondering how you can become part of the solution, check out this website about using overripe fruit before it goes bad.

Aside from making delicious frozen fruit cubes, you can use overripe fruit for baking, jams, smoothies, toppings for pancakes/waffles, really anything that your creative mind can conjure.

Here are some other easy tips to prevent food waste from the Huffington Post:

1) Learn how long foods will keep so they don’t spoil before you plan to use them. 


2) Make a grocery list for the week and shop on a full stomach to avoid impulse purchases. 

grocery list

3) Don’t buy more of something just because it’s cheaper to buy in bulk. But do check out the bulk foods section, where you can buy just as much or as little as you need. 

bulk grocery

4) Put new groceries in the back of your fridge or pantry, so you’ll use older food first, before it expires.

refrigerator open

5) Learn to reuse food for another meal.

leftover chicken

6) Use all of your produce by getting creative.

cauliflower stem

7) Go trayless when eating at cafeterias – you’ll waste less when you can’t take as much food at once. 

plate of food cafeteria

8) Take home your leftovers — a lot of food is wasted in restaurants too. 

takeout container

9) Learn what to freeze and what not to. Or, if you want to get really advanced, learn to pickle or can fruits and veggies. 

frozen veggies

10) Learn to compost food scraps or see if there’s composting service in your area. 

home compost

11) Donate food you know you won’t use in time (find out how here). 

food donations

Do you have any ideas to share that were not mentioned here? We would love to hear from you! 

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