Easier Access to Food for Seniors

Great news!

The Colorado Department of Human Services recently notified us that the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) will now allow clients to “self-declare” their income. CSFP is a Federal program that provides low-income seniors, age 60 and older, with extra food each month at no cost!

In the past, many seniors were delayed or even prevented from accessing CSFP because they were unable to locate their proof of income documents, which can easily become lost when clients move, become ill, etc.

Many seniors lack the technological know-how to go online and retrieve their Explanation of Benefits from Social Security. Most of the clients that receive a senior food box rely solely on their Social Security benefits to survive.

Seniors can also be forgetful and it can take many trips to a site before they remember what they need to bring to provide proof of their income.

Through the ability to “self-declare,” low-income seniors will now be able to access this vital program faster and have a regular supply of food items designed to address the nutritional deficiencies common in this vulnerable population.

If you know a senior that would benefit from this important program, please click here or contact Denise, our USDA Programs Manager, at 719-434-4683 or at Denise@careandshare.org

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