Doherty High School’s Harvest of Love Tradition Continues!

Harvest of Love was born in the Social Studies Department at Doherty High School, thanks to Mr. Vigil, in 1996. In 1998, the Harvest of Love torch was passed to Doherty’s Student Council.  Each year, the Student Council  decides how much money each  member needs to raise to beat the previous year’s record. It’s usually between $500-$1,000 per representative. 

Our very own Shannon Brice, Care and Share’s Marketing and Communications Director, was a Student Council member at Doherty during her sophomore, junior and senior years. During this time, she fell in love with Harvest of Love and became passionate about alleviating hunger. She tirelessly rallied her fellow students to raise food and funds for Care and Share.    
Shannon continues to work her heart out on behalf of Care and Share and those we serve throughout Southern Colorado. Harvest of Love is her favorite event to plan. She says, “when you step back from it all and realize that young people are collecting this money and this food, it gives me hope for the future. I hope that by them participating in this food drive for several weeks, it instills a lifelong desire to give back to the community.”

Each year, the Harvest of Love tradition at Doherty, and many other local schools, continues to build momentum. This year, Doherty collected more than $50,000 (an all-time record) and 13,850 pounds of food! We are so grateful to all of these future leaders. They are our heroes. 

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 

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