Antioch Community Church Daily Bread Food Pantry

Good morning friends of Care and Share! 
Many of you know that we simply cannot accomplish our work without our partner agencies, which are food pantries, emergency shelters, soup kitchens, etc. Our food goes to them, and they distribute it to those in need. We have more than 300 partner agencies throughout our 52,000 square mile service area working on the front lines in the fight against hunger. Please enjoy today’s post that features one of our  amazing partner agencies. 
Antioch Community Church Daily Bread Food Pantry is located on the eastern plains of El Paso County, which is among the most sparsely populated areas in the continental United States and consists of small farming communities, large family units, and roads that do not receive enough traffic to be paved. Many families living in this community are struggling with poverty and minimal job prospects. Grocery stores are few and far between, and gas to get to them is expensive. Many Antioch families cannot afford the fuel needed to travel to town, let alone the food that is in abundance once they get there.
Antioch Community Church Daily Bread Food Pantry has been open since 2009. Their staff and volunteers serve an average of 275 people each month, providing them with nourishment, support, and hope. Each person that walks through the pantry door has a story. One couple that visits the pantry has three children that all have special needs. The youngest child, who is nearly two years old, has been on a feeding tube since birth. The father is in the military and will soon be deployed overseas, which means the mother will be the sole caregiver—but she won’t be alone.  The pantry staff and volunteers make this family feel special and cared for each time they visit by providing food, comfort, and encouragement. Neighbors helping neighbors.
For more information about our partner agencies, please contact Donna Kolkman, Agency Relations Manager, at 719-434-4678 or at

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