Food changes lives

Welcome to our video gallery. Here, we feature stories that celebrate the ways families and individuals can now find food for their children and loved ones. 

Stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic transformed our organization and changed the landscape of hunger. Together, with our partners, we ramped up our efforts to provide much-needed food relief to our neighbors.

Follow the Milk

Have you ever thought about how we’re able to get millions of pounds of food to our neighbors in need? Follow the “day in the life” of a gallon of milk and it makes it way from a grocery store to a partner food pantry.

Summer meals and memories for kids

It’s always so exciting to see kids’ reactions when they receive fresh produce, watermelon, during the summer. For Heather, it’s all about strawberries. “Strawberries! Strawberries is my life!” she told us.

Beep! Beep!

Take a virtual tour of our Mobile Market, which brings food directly into neighborhoods and communities. We pull up, and then neighbors can choose and bag what they want to take home and enjoy.

Partner Agency Highlight: New Direction Agape Services

“We always greet everyone who comes to get food with a smile on our faces. We see it as they don’t only need us, but we need each other. We’re in this together.” – Zera Miller, New Direction Agape Services

Meet Margarita

When Margarita visits one of our Food Pantry partners in southeast Colorado, she isn’t thinking about the nutritious meals she can get for herself. She pictures her four great-grandchildren, granddaughter, and son who live with her at home.