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We have one belief:
No one should go hungry.

Every day, we provide food to our partner agencies across Southern Colorado to serve our neighbors in need because well-fed communities are better for us all.

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Our vision is a hunger-free
Southern Colorado.




At Care and Share Food Bank, our core purpose is to bridge the gap between hunger and abundance. Our mission is to provide food, partnering opportunities, and education to fight hunger and food insecurity in Southern Colorado. Our vision is a hunger-free Southern Colorado.

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  • Jorja and Family, Colorado Springs, CO

    Last summer, Jorja and her husband opened their hearts to five foster care children. They welcomed these children into their home to give them an opportunity to reach their full potential. With her growing family, Jorja also had a growing food budget.

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  • Domanic, Colorado Springs, CO

    He started helping in the pantry because he saw one of his teachers trying to lift the heavy bags of potatoes and carrots and onions, and he didn’t want her to hurt her back.

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  • Kathleen & Dove Creek Care and Share, Dove Creek, CO

    Dove Creek, Colorado is located in the Southwest corner of our state. It is a small, rural community with a population of less than 800. Nearly 23% of its residents are living below the poverty level.

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  • Zoe

    Zoe has a very giving spirit and felt she had received enough "stuff" for Christmas. She also asked that instead of just dropping off the food at Care and Share, if her and her family could volunteer their time sorting and packing food at our distribution center.

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  • Christina, Colorado Springs, CO

    “I get a great deal of satisfaction helping Care and Share customers and I’m hoping this passion will pass on to my children.”

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  • Jack, Colorado Springs, CO

    Most of us can go to a restaurant or a store and buy anything at any time, so I can’t even comprehend the fact that someone has to wait for food or go without it.” Jack’s positive interactions with staff, volunteers, and partner agencies truly set him apart.

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  • Frank, Dove Creek, CO

    Before Frank found the food pantry in Dove Creek, he spent $240.00 each month on groceries. Now, he spends less than $80 a month, and can funnel his limited resources into other basic necessities. Frank said that “Without Care and Share, I would not have a good diet and would not be healthy.”

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  • Ranea, Colorado Springs, CO

    Before Cooking Matters, Ranea wasn’t eating enough nutritious food. She would skip breakfast, be really tired in class and wouldn’t pay attention.

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  • Ron, Salida, CO

    Ron and his wife inherited three grandchildren to take care of—three grandchildren with “hollow legs.” For a week, Ron wondered what he was going to do. Living on a limited budget, it was a struggle to feed his multi-generational family, which also included Ron’s two parents.

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  • Betty, Pueblo, CO

    To help alleviate the financial strain she feels every month, she visits her local food pantry, where they know she is diabetic and keep a “sugar-free pile” for her. At the pantry, she also gets onions, green, red, and yellow peppers, squash, zucchini, meat, and whole wheat bread.

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  • Gunnison Country Food Pantry

    Gunnison Country Food Pantry is proud to count the good people at Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado among the best of our friends.

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  • Debra, Yoder, CO

    Before the Mobile Food Pantry came to us, I usually had a grocery budget of about $20 a week for five of us. Now, my husband works down in La Junta and we do have a grocery budget, but the Mobile Food Pantry means we can actually eat fresh produce, and we can actually eat more meat in our meals.

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  • Carolyn, Canon City, CO

    Carolyn Cook Ryan, or White Dove, has had an interesting life. Her Native American father built battleships during WWII. This job involved many chemicals that were not yet known to be hazardous and he brought these toxins home on his clothes.

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  • Roy, Colorado Springs

    Roy is a husband, father of three girls, and a remodeler by trade. He was in the industry for eight years, and every year he could see himself moving further and further away from financial stability.

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  • LaMicka, Pueblo, CO

    “It’s good to know that I can still support my family even though I’m struggling financially. Being able to turn to places when you need help is awesome and knowing where to find the help is awesome as well. ”

    Learn More About LaMicka »
  • Doherty High School

    Helping people in need takes no special talent--anyone can help

    Learn More About Doherty High School »
  • Daily Harvest Aquaponics

    Both Gavin and Marshea Vitt’s family histories are rooted in farming. After a year of research and learning, they opened Daily Harvest Aquaponics in May of 2014

    Learn More About Daily Harvest Aquaponics »
  • Private: Spectranetics

    Spectranetics’ teammates are grounded in a culture of shared values with a specific focus on service and humility. Teammates put these values into action through community service, volunteering and charitable giving throughout the year.

    Learn More About Private: Spectranetics »
  • Private: Starbucks, Fountain

    Starbucks, located in Fountain, participates in the retail direct pickup program with Care and Share. Store Manager, Cory Beery loves working for a company that cares so much about its employees and giving back to its community.

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  • Victoria Selfridge

    It all started in 2002, when one of her neighbors asked Victoria if she had any extra room in her freezer. Her neighbors were stockpiling frozen turkeys to donate to Care and Share for Thanksgiving, but they were running out of capacity.

    Learn More About Victoria Selfridge »
  • Dianne, Cripple Creek, CO

    Dianne is a very active, retired 66-year-old who volunteers at the senior center and a local arts organization.

    Learn More About Dianne »
  • Jana, Pueblo, CO

    “The beginning of my education was also the beginning of multiple financial sacrifices.” She and her husband have to make a lot of tough decisions, including the amount and quality of food they buy.

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  • Kathy, Colorado Springs, CO

    When Kathy spends time with us, she knows that her work is making a difference in the lives of many. She says, “I am sure there would be a lot of people going hungry if Care and Share didn’t exist.”

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  • Private: Jonathan, Colorado Springs, CO

    I like the camaraderie here. I feel like people really care and are here for good reasons,” he says when asked what he loved the most about Care and Share.

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  • Mary and Aaron, Colorado Springs, CO

    Our desire for giving to those in need is what shapes our family’s giving, The need is real, the need is desperate, and the need is in our community…it’s these needs that defines our giving priorities, primarily those agencies that are able to fulfill the most basic of needs; the need of food, clothing and shelter.

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  • Roxanne, Colorado Springs, CO

    Roxanne has met with many struggles throughout her life. While working in the healthcare industry, she sustained injuries to both her neck and back in 2004. After her second injury in 2013, she was unable to work.

    Learn More About Roxanne »
  • Jorja and Family
  • Domanic
  • Kathleen & Dove Creek Care and Share
  • Cooking Matters- Peter
  • Zoe
  • Christina
  • Jack
  • Frank
  • Ranea
  • Ron
  • Betty
  • Gunnison Country Food Pantry
  • Debra
  • Carolyn
  • Roy
  • LaMicka
  • Doherty High School
  • Daily Harvest Aquaponics
  • Private: Spectranetics
  • Private: Starbucks
  • Victoria Selfridge
  • Dianne
  • Jana
  • Kathy
  • Private: Jonathan
  • Mary and Aaron
  • Roxanne


provides fresh produce through a Mobile Food Pantry to 50 neighbors in need


provides a weekly food-filled backpack to a child for the school year


will help stock 10 families cupboards for a month

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In the Kitchen with Care and Share: Soup Stock
March 05, 2019

Join us for our newest group cooking class series – In the Kitchen with Care and Share! Gather in our community kitchen as our Kitchen and Garden Coordinator, Donna Ross, teaches step by step how to create delicious meals and recipes from scratch.

Recipe for Hope Luncheon- Pueblo
April 04, 2019

Join us for the 1st Annual Recipe for Hope Luncheon in Pueblo on April 4th.

2019 Community Champions Celebration
April 24, 2019

Join us as we celebrate and award our 2019 Community Champions.

Scouting for Food
April 27, 2019

Join us as we collect food for families, children and seniors who are unsure where their next meal is coming from.

Stamp Out Hunger
May 11, 2019

Take a sturdy bag filled with nonperishable food to your mailbox the morning of May 11. Then, a letter carrier will collect the donations and deliver them to Care and Share.

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As food bankers, when we travel to other parts of the country, we often seek out fellow food bank friends and get tours of their space. Today, our CEO, Lynne Telford is visiting the North Texas Food Bank in Dallas. Best practice sharing is our favorite way to improve our processes and better serve our neighbors in need. #endhunger ... See MoreSee Less

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