Fifth Week Closure FAQ

We have made one big change this year to our closures calendar: we will be closed during the “5th week” of months that have one for operational improvements like cleaning and inventory. Please see the FAQ’s below to learn more about this change! 

What is a “5th week”?

Every month has a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Monday through Friday. Not every month has a 5th day, but some do! For example: There are no 5th weekdays in February 2023 but there are 5th days in March 2023. Look at March and you will see the 29th is the 5th Wednesday of the month, the 30th is the 5th Thursday and the 31st is the 5th Friday.

Why do 5th weeks matter at Care and Share?

We do not have any deliveries scheduled on those days and now: We no longer offer pick ups on 5th week days. They are effectively closure days. This means they no longer count as business days, and this can affect the number of days you have available in your ordering window.

Why did we make this decision?

As many of you have noticed, there have been inventory discrepancies which affect the amount of food you order versus how much food you receive. Historically, we have only closed for inventory counting and recalibrating 2 times a year. In an effort to make our inventory more accurate, we will now be taking 5th week days to update our inventory counts instead of picking orders. We hope this will help us more accurately deliver our orders and improve the work you all do on the ground every day.

How is the 5th week closure different than other closures?

On days Care and Share is operationally closed, there will be no pickups or deliveries (unless otherwise indicated on the calendar.)   On days Care and Share is closed for staff in-service or inventory, your Regional Manager will be in the office but may take longer to respond.  Regional Managers will be out of the office on all other closure days and will respond when they return.  If you have a delivery that conflicts with one of the dates on the calendar and it has not already been rescheduled, please reach out to your Regional Manager.  Please note that days Care and Share is operationally closed impact the ordering window — we cannot pick orders when we are closed so your order will need to be in earlier to account for the closures.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement this new schedule! If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your Regional Manager.

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